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Advising at Orientation

Students are responsible for working with an academic advisor in their college or department as part of the Orientation experience.

Review and complete the steps below to prepare for advising at orientation.

  1. University Advising Checklist 
    Please review the Advising Checklist linked above.  Completing these items can take time, however, having these tasks completed will ensure that you are ready for the advising and registration process.
  2. Advising at Orientation
    Check the website below to find college-specific orientation and advising information. Every incoming student must complete the advising and registration process according to their college/department to adjust and finalize their first semester schedule.

    Find your college:
    • Log into HokieSpa, click on the HokieSpa tab at the top.
    • Click on View Your General Student Information.
    • Look for Primary College. This might require you to scroll down. Primary College will say for example “College of Science”

Find New Student Orientation information on your college website:

Follow Up if Needed
If you need to follow up or have any questions, you should be able to contact the advisor they worked with during Advising at Orientation or contact the college/department directly.

Beyond Advising for Orientation

After working with an academic advisor and understanding why you need specific classes you can alter or change your schedule freely until the end of the first week of courses.  However, adjustments should only be made in consultation with an academic advisor.  Final advisor assignments are typically made before or during the first week of classes.

Students can find their academic advisor information near the start of the semester by:

  1. Logging into HokieSpa, click on the HokieSpa tab at the top.
  2. Click on View Your General Student Information.
  3. Primary Advisor will be one of the rows on this page. The Primary Advisor's name can be input into the People Search on the VT website for more information. 

Have more questions about advising? Contact your department/college to learn more.