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Winter 2023 AHRM 2404: Consumer Rights Yes Pathway 3 Reasoning in the Social Sciences, CLE Area 3 Society and Human Behavior The Consumer Rights course provides an overview of consumers’ rights and responsibilities in the marketplace as well as the policies and regulations related to consumer protection. In this introductory Pathways course, students learn about the role of consumers in society and in national and international markets. Current consumer issues covered through textbook and Consumer Reports readings include product safety, food, health care, housing, environmental impact, banking, credit, and insurance. Students complete weekly quizzes and an assignment that simulates the planned buying process. Patti Fisher
Winter 2023 ART 1104: Language of Visual Arts Yes Pathway 2 Critical Thinking in the Humanities, Pathway 6a Critique and Practice in the Arts, Pathway 6d Critique and Practice in Design Introduces key formal structures across the broad variety of disciplines in the visual arts and built environment, including: architecture, painting, sculpture, photography, and film. Considers global objects and sites from an intercultural perspective, examining how various formal elements impact our experience and function to construct meaning for audiences. Writing informed arts criticism grounded in local and regional cultural resources. Dr. James Jewitt
Winter 2023 CONS 2304: Consumer and Family Finances
Yes Pathway 5f Foundational Quantitative and Computational Thinking, CLE Area 5 Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning This course provides an overview of family financial management. In this introductory Pathways course, we will be discussing many different aspects of personal finances related to individuals and families. We will emphasize basic cash & credit management, tax planning, insurance, investments, and retirement planning. This course will provide basic information about many financial topics that you may encounter in your professional career some day or information that you can use in your personal life when you need to make decisions related to your own personal finances. Some of the information in this course may be covered in much more detail in other courses you might take, so the purpose here is to introduce you to the topics and provide a comprehensive overview of personal finances. Kevin Cheng
Winter 2023 EDEP 2444: Motivating Yourself and Others
Yes Pathway 3 Reasoning in the Social Sciences, CLE Area 3 Society and Human Behavior The goal of this course help students motivate themselves and others. Being aware of the factors that motivate people can help people adjust their own behaviors to perform more effectively and can help them to interact more effectively with individuals in different cultural contexts and backgrounds. In this course, students design activities (such as meetings, classes, programs, events) that motivate others and learn about motivation research that has been conducted in education, psychology, and neuroscience. This course can be useful to students in any major, especially those interested in education, psychology, neuroscience, leadership, and business. Dr. Brett Jones
Winter 2023 EDHE 5984: Addressing Critical Problems in Higher Education No NA This course, addressing critical problems in higher education, is an exploration of contemporary issues for all educators. The design of this course is intentional in its application to those working in P-12 and higher education, as well as teachers, counselors, staff, and administrators. The purpose of the class is to engage in conversations about the various roles, responsibilities, and realities of educators to shape the future of higher education. Topics for the course include, but are not limited to, college choice, admissions, student activism, and marginalized populations. Dr. Chase Catalano
Spring 2023 ENGE 2524: Exploring Service Learning Through STEM/STEAM Educational Outreach Yes Pathway 3 Reasoning in the Social Sciences, Pathway 7 Critical Analysis of Equity and Identity in the United States Explore volunteerism, traditional service learning, critical service learning, and social change. Develop intercultural competence by examining social identities, power, and privilege with a focus on preK-12 education systems in the United States. Develop Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) and STEM educational outreach experiences that meet needs identified by community members in teams. Demonstrate career readiness through experiential learning. Pre: Sophomore standing. Dr. Chelsea Haines
Spring 2023 FR 2114: Intensive Intermediate French No NA Proficiency-oriented approach to intermediate French, designed for learners who wish to progress rapidly through the intermediate stages of language learning. Develops the four language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing) in a cultural context using authentic materials. Taught in French. Accelerated version of 2105-2106. This is a six-credit course that counts toward the minor. Sulagna Mishra
Soring 2023 FR 2714: French Culture and Civilization
Yes Pathway 2 Critical Thinking in the Humanities, Pathway 3 Reasoning in the Social Sciences French culture and civilization from prehistoric cave paintings to the present. Interdisciplinary approach to literature, film, art, architecture, intellectual movements, and lifestyle in the context of French political history, society, and globalization, including elements of French culture that arrived through conquerors, migrants, and immigrants. Taught in English. Richard Shryock
Spring 2023 SPAN 2754: Sports Films in the U.S. and Latin America Yes Pathway 2 Critical Thinking in the Humanities This course (taught in English) examines films dedicated to sport—baseball, basketball, boxing, soccer, and others—within the U.S. Latinx and Latin American contexts. Students will explore, among other topics, the role that sports films have played in imagining ideas of national and social identity, expressing political ideologies, reaffirming or questioning traditional notions of gender, and presenting issues like discrimination, poverty, and inequality. Additionally, students will identify the common narratives and filmmaking techniques—i.e. the underdog story and elliptical editing—associated with the sports genre. Does not count towards Spanish major/minor. (3H, 3C). Patrick Ridge
Spring 2023 SPAN 3414: Modern Peninsular Culture & Literature
Yes Pathway 2 Critical Thinking in the Humanities From inbred kings to Penelope Cruz… From falling for fascism, to fighting for democracy, to digging up the bones of the disappeared… Spain’s history and culture are fascinating and provocative! Study Spain this Spring and see the world as you never imagined! Prerequisite: SPAN 3304 Dr. Jessica Folkart