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Term Course Course satisfy general education requirements? General education requirement(s) this course will satisfy Course Description Course Contact
Fall 2023 PPE 2894 Yes Pathway 2 Critical Thinking in the Humanities, Pathway 3 Reasoning in the Social Sciences Integrated study of philosophy, politics, and economics. Trains students to make decisions that are not only economically sound, but also socially, ethically, and politically informed. Core concepts, topics, and ideas include: models of human nature, rational choice theory, social cooperation, distributive justice, markets, and democracy. Dan Gibbs
Fall 2023 RLCL 2514/SOC 2514: Asian American Experience Yes Pathway 3 Reasoning in the Social Sciences, Pathway 7 Critical Analysis of Equity and Identity in the United States This course focuses on the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) experience in the US through careful and thoughtful examination of histories, readings, films, essays, and other creative forms of expression. Students will explore contemporary issues within a global context while developing critical reading skills applicable to any course of study/major. Dr. Nina Ha
Winter 2024 EDHE 5984: Critical Problems in Higher Education No NA This course will explore of contemporary issues in higher education with application for educators (teachers and counselors) working in P-12 and higher education, as well as staff, and administrators. The course will engage in discussions educator’s various roles and responsibilities in their contributions to shaping the future of higher education. Areas of focus for the course are college choice, student activism, influence of institutional type (e.g., for profit), and marginalized populations. Chase Catalano
Spring 2024 BMES 2004: Concussion Perspectives Yes Pathway 1a Advanced/Applied Discourse, Pathway 4 Reasoning in the Natural Sciences

This course provides a multidisciplinary description of concussion including: medicine, psychology, biomedical, technology, equipment design, and ethics. Concussion Perspectives Learning Objectives:

  • Quantify differences between male and female concussions across different sports and environments and how this impacts society
  • Know the legal implications of concussion, including past lawsuits and laws that have been implemented to protect athletes
  • Understand the principles and techniques regarding the basic diagnostic and treatments used for concussions
  • Evaluate the credibility and potential misuse of scientific information involving concussions especially involving conflicts of interest
  • Learn about the Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings program for all sports
Stefan Duma